We took the plungeand created a MOOC We took the plunge and created a MOOC
It would be a dreamto make a MOOC about it! It would be a dream to make a MOOC about it!
We are proudto have made a SPOC about this. We are proud to have made a SPOC about this.
We are goingto make a SPOC We are going to make a SPOC

We took the plunge and created a MOOC

We opened the doors of a stem-cell culture laboratory in the University of Nantes to the general public, by means of

It would be a dream to make a MOOC about it!

We are expecting a call from NASA or Elon Musk asking us to make a MOOC about life on Mars using

We are proud to have made a SPOC about this.

SPOCs can be a way of meeting a social need. We made this one for the Oncology Centre at Toulouse, to help in improving the care of cancer patients, with

We are going to make a SPOC

GRDF, the French gas distribution company, asked us to create SPOCs for their territorial representatives, using

Smart Digital Learning

Did you say MOOC?

A MOOC (Massive, Open Online Course) is a free on-line course, open to all, which targets the widest possible audience. It often consists mainly of videos of an expert speaking. Another important element is the possibility for participants to interact with one another, via a forum and shared tasks.

Did you say SPOC?

A SPOC is like a MOOC, except that it is Small and Private. It’s a MOOC with restricted access. A typical format for a professional online training course.

Beyond MOOCs

For us, digital learning is not restricted to MOOCs, COOCs or SPOCs. Its objective is wider: it includes all the means and formats which enable digital technology to be used in vocational training. Our single rule is to take as our starting point your content and your objectives, then to determine which digital format(s) to use. This is the key to the success of a digital learning course.

We do not believe there are intangible rules which must be applied in dealing with your training needs, however we do believe that it is paramount to learn from experience and use the most up-to-date digital tools.

Digital learning, Thinkovery style

Learn from the best

Digital learning, MOOCs and SPOCs enable companies to make considerable savings on the costs of training, to make a training course rapidly available to the largest number of trainees, to integrate new arrivals better and more quickly. But let us not forget that it is also the opportunity to share the knowledge of the best expert, the best pedagogue, the best spokesperson. We call this “Learning from the Best”: it is an aspect that we have mastered to perfection. Indeed, in order to work with such unique resources, great flexibility is needed in order to make the best use of their limited availability in order to satisfy the highest demands. To date, we have worked with over 200 internationally renowned research workers

  • Gaël Giraud
    Economist, Director of research at CNRS
  • Roland Lehoucq
    Astrophysician at the Commission for Atomic Energy and alternative energies
  • Jean-Marc Bachaud
    Radiothérapeute – Urologie, Pneumologie Institut Universitaire du Cancer de Toulouse Oncopole
  • Erik Karsenti
    Biophysician, Director of research at CNRS
  • Eloi Laurent
    Economist and scientific adviser at OFCE (the French Economic Observatory)
  • Jean-Marc Ferry
    Political philosopher, chair of European philosophy
  • Joelle Adrien
    Neurobiologist, Director of research at CNRS
  • Valérie March
    Trainer in social media
  • Roland Bugat
    oncologist and Director of the Ecole des Savoirs et des Métiers en Cancérologie (Oncoresonance specialist)
  • Marion Leboyer
    Director of research at Inserm (French national institute for health and medical research) and director of the Fondation FondaMental

The best way to learn

It is not enough to have the best content and training scenario. Switching to digital requires knowing how to use and adapt both form and content in order to optimise the user’s experience. This is what we call “The best way to learn”. It is a major concern for us in every aspect of a course. For this reason we systematically choose the optimal audiovisual and graphic production quality. This is one of the conditions for getting learners to commit to a course. In fact we have commitment rates well in excess of the average in our field.

  • HEC Executive Education
    SPOC: "Marketing: from strategy to the customer experience"
  • Inserm
    Institut du Thorax and University of Nantes: MOOC: "Open the lab doors: cells and stem-cells"
  • Groupama
    SPOC on employee saving schemes
  • GRDF
  • Service Coop de France
  • Barclays Bank
  • Crédit Mutuel Arkea
  • Fondation FondaMental
    Training videos on mental illnesses