About us

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Our working methods are a reflection of our commitment

Working with Thinkovery means working with an innovative, proactive company, a company with a ‘flat’ hierarchy where ideas can flourish.

Our work routine is characterised by two important rituals which together guarantee that our commitments are met.

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Auto-criticism workshop

Each week the whole team meets to review one of our productions: a video, a Prezi, a computer graphic or a learning module, which is about to be delivered to a client. The objective is to put the work to the test of criticism by the whole team. As a result of these workshops, we modify and adjust our working methods. A real engine for ongoing improvement!

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Innovation workshops

All employees can join an innovation workshop, individually or as part of a team. They choose the theme themselves and may leave normal production work for a time in order to design and draw up an innovative proposal. The innovation is then presented to the rest of the group and the decision is taken to implement it or to analyse it further. These workshops take place every two weeks.


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