Our digital learning expertise


Wondering how to introduce digital tools in your training strategy? We’ll help you organise your approach.

Digital transformation

We work with you to design your digitization strategy, define your future business model and build your training brand.

Change management

We share our expertise with your teams during workshops to familiarize them with digital tools.

Choosing your LMS

We help you choose your LMS by analysing your needs and building an offer customized to your needs.


We help you design a learning experience suited to your training project. How? By placing the learners‘ needs at the core of our learning experience design (LXD)!

The Thinkovery recipe

Our methodology focuses on learners and their needs are our first concern. Each learning experience design arises from a combination between the promise of value and our understanding of learners.

Our ingredients

Our creative team and pedagogy team then design the most attractive form and format for your training programme.

Learning design

Our designers and learning engineers conceive, without format limitation or bias, the most attractive experience suited for your course.


Our team gathers all required experts to conceive and produce various content in-house: videos, motion design, enriched video, classroom digitization, e-learning, infographics, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mobile app, serious game, etc                                                                                                                                              Our motivation: produce high quality and innovative contents.


Starting from detailed teaching design, we conceive and write a scenario for each module. We then produce storyboards to enable you to dive in your future learning experience before you let us work our magic…


We have all the production skills at Thinkovery: motion designers, artistic directors, cameramen, editors, directors, to produce customised content in all formats.


We are experienced in working with various LMS and LCMS platforms and are able to carry out

  • Uploading
  • Optimization of content
  • Quizzes
  • Activities
  • Community management
  • SCORM-format exporting


You cannot expect learners’ commitment without efficient communication.


In order to motivate your teams, we help you to design and implement a communication strategy for your training programmes.


We can design and produce

  • Templates for your newsletters and e-mail communications
  • Visuals and display design for your online platform
  • Landing pages
  • Teasers

We can, on demand, design complete, immersive tools of communication: demonstration consoles, interactive videos, board games, goodies, etc.


Finding a relevant evaluation is an issue common to all projects. 

Feedback from the learners

Collect learners feedbacks is a requirement for:

  • improve the learning tool
  • build up a feedback file
  • detect and identify new training needs

Learning experience efficiency

Another important issue is assessing training program effectiveness: Did the promise of value became reality? It is about conceiving dedicated evaluation tools to be used during, at the end and after the learning experience completion.                                                                                                                     To this end we combine two approaches to complement the usual standard tests: 

  • certainty based marking
  • ex ante and ex post assessment