Our approach

Smart digital learning

We are specialized in building your digital learning course for your learners. A course may take several forms, whether a SPOC (Small Private Online Course), a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), a digital learning or e-learning course.

Your partner from A to Z…

Whether for digitalising an existing training course, building a MOOC for the general public, designing a course to improve the performance of your sales force, we have the expertise to carry out a project from beginning to end.

  • Consultancy service

    We are at your side to help you define your digitisation strategy: Which courses should you switch to digital? What should be left to face-to-face learning? What economic model to follow? What objectives to set?

  • Design

    In partnership with your teams, or by ourselves as appropriate, we design and build the training scenario for your course, its organisation into training units (its building- blocks), and the identification of the different key learning concepts.

  • Production

    We manage the production of the content of the course: videos, reports, computer graphics, interactive videos, motion-design, games, etc. using the skills of our own team of professionals. We design the exercises and the various learning activities, including collaborative ones.

  • Validation

    On demand, we can build a user-lab to assess the quality of the course we have designed. We put your course online and customise the learning area. We can also intervene in the course with explanations, tips, etc.

  • Communication

    In partnership with you, we define the communication strategy for your course, and produce the media necessary: e-mail templates, landing pages, etc.

A range of tools

We use all the digital tools available, in all formats. In our studios you can find the equivalent of a full audio-visual production company with a complete graphic creation department.

  • videos
    shot in the studio
  • motion-design
    enriched videos
  • films
    made in full motion design
  • on-location
  • on-location
  • computer graphics
    historical timelines
  • Prezi’s
  • Serious Games
    interactive motion design
  • Off-the-shelf solutions
    - ready-made training courses