CRA Aquitaine
Digitalisation d'un diplôme universitaire

CRA Aquitaine

The Centre de Ressources Autisme (CRA) Aquitaine is a resource, information and orientation centre aimed at supporting any person affected by autism or other invasive developmental problems, as well as their families.

It is also open to professionals in health care, the medico-social field, education and training, students, and anyone concerned with issues related to autism.

The requirement

CRA Aquitaine and the University of Bordeaux wanted to set up an innovative 100% digital study course for carers of patients suffering from ASDs (Autism spectrum disorders): special needs teachers, health care professionals such as GPs, physiotherapists, speech therapists and nurses, patients’ families, and so on.

What is at stake? Not all these professionals in practice have the opportunity to study in Bordeaux and yet the demand and need are strong. Digital technology has its rightful place here in the service of public policy issues.

The conduct of such a project involved many challenges:

  • acculturation of teachers to digital learning;
  • pedagogical design at the scale of a university degree;
  • the coherence and richness of the proposed contents.

How we responded

For this large-scale project, we started by creating the training brand, AUTISPOC, and its signature graphic design, and went on to create the one-year course of study to be launched in September 2019.

The present course consists of 73 videos which we created from start to finish. We mainly chose reporting formats in enriched video and science fiction videos to facilitate learning and role play.

We were also asked to help CRA to put the course online via Moodle, with a number of resources: virtual classroom, role play, quizzes, collaborative tasks, sharing learners’ experience, etc. The whole course is inclusive and highly interactive.

What if you discovered the teaser of this 100% digital university degree?

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