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Crédit Logement

Crédit Logement has been a key French player in real-estate financing for over 40 years, specialised in surety bonds and guarantees. It uses this expertise to offer training courses to the banking sector.

Since the implementation of a new European directive on real-estate loans, the companies offering such loans have to organise annual training courses for all agents selling them.


Faced with this new constraint, in order to lighten the burden for the companies of implementing this directive, several training organisations have responded by offering a digital training package. Crédit Logement decided to take advantage of its unique expertise to become a player in this market by creating its first digital training course, with a strong brand.

Our solution

We contracted with Crédit Logement to

  • build a distinctive graphic design for their digital training course;
  • write a scenario and design from scratch a bespoke on-line course to showcase Crédit Logement’s excellent services;
  • create all the content for the course (videos, motion-design, charts and graphs, activities, self-assessment)
  • upload the training course and provide Crédit Logement with promotional tools.


A few months after launching the project, the result is positive: the training has been very well received by the employees of the client banks of Crédit Logement, with an average evaluation rating of 3.8 /4. The managers of Crédit Logement we are in contact with say that their training course ‘stands apart’.

We chose Thinkovery in order to take advantage of their knowledge of digital learning techniques and their ability to apply them to creative training modules, serious games, etc. And the team, serious and dynamic, are ready to listen. The project manager always makes himself available and adapts willingly to our constraints and any unforeseen circumstances.

Ingrid Le Guével Head of training activity

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