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The FondaMental Foundation, dedicated to combating mental illnesses, combines mental health care with cutting-edge research to offer personalised, multidisciplinary care in cases of severe psychiatric disorders.

FondaMental has four missions: to improve early diagnosis, treatment and prognosis; to boost psychiatric research; to spread specialist knowledge; and to eliminate prejudice.

The requirement

As a client of several years’ standing, the Foundation sought the support of Thinkovery to 

  • boost the content of its website and its donor campaigns 
  • improve the public’s knowledge of psychiatric disorders, and patients’ families’ understanding of them
  • make patients more aware of ongoing research, in order to give them fresh hope by showing progress achieved in this field

How we responded

Our partnership began in 2012 when we published in Thinkovery magazine the content they had published in the media, including Le Monde.

To answer their needs, we used a number of the skills and know-how we have acquired: 

  • harnessing the results of academic research, understanding them and putting them to use
  • producing multimedia content, such as videos featuring research workers, articles published on the Web, or short animated films.

To coincide with the recent World Autism Day, we made 6 enriched motion-design videos to make the public aware of ongoing progress in research on autism spectrum disorders.

Their aim is to send a message of hope: “Research brings solutions”.

These videos have been uploaded on social media (Facebook and Twitter) in the form of mini-series, in order to target the widest public and to have the message spread easily.

Le résultat

The videos were very well received by the general public on social networks. Awareness of research on ASDs has been very successful, with more than 4000 views on Youtube and nearly 5000 views on Facebook with many interactions.

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