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Created on 1st January 2008, Gaz Distribution France (GRDF) is the main operator of the French natural gas delivery network. The operation and performance of the network is a paramount aspect of its activity.

GRDF is also noted for its support and commitment to responsible, civic initiatives in the fields of health care, social insecurity and environmental issues.

The requirement

GRDF has offices in every region of France, in order to maintain close links with local decision-makers. The role of the staff in the Territoires d’avenir directorate is to publish and explain GRDF’s new energy supply packages. To publicise its offer and information about competitors and market trends, GRDF approached Thinkovery to help create a complete digital learning course.

How we responded

We created a communication teaser to present an overview of the work accomplished and entice learners onto the training platform.

In collaboration with experts from GRDF we created about 20 courses covering their professional fields, using enriched video, charts and graphs, quizzes, activities, etc.

I have every confidence in the product, because Thinkovery followed up the projects seriously, they are capable of rapidly acquiring the necessary technical knowledge, and regularly offer developments or innovations to go further in training our employees.

Vincent Girault Energy Policy project manager 

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