Founded in 1964, INSERM is a public-sector Science and Technology organisation. Dedicated to human health and involved in research from biology and medicine labs to patient bedsides. The INSERM collaborates with the most prestigious research institutes committed for the innovation in human health.


All the staff working in the laboratories are exposed daily, to a greater or lesser degree, to health risks. An everyday issue is to prevent the risks for all the collaborators (burns, cuts, needle pricks…) and guarantee their safety while handling dangerous materials. 

Aware of these issues, INSERM has appointed a full-time team working to resolve them, by organising awareness campaigns.

Despite the ongoing measures, risky conduct persists, so INSERM has had to go further in its efforts to sensitise its staff.

Our solution

As a first step, we analysed the situation in order to identify which levers will best improve the efficiency of this peculiar specific campaign.

We therefore carried out a consultancy assignment in order to propose an effective action plan, a customized learning design and a relevant communication plan.

As a second step, INSERM commissioned Thinkovery to conduct the designed strategy and to produce the 10 episodes web-serie we proposed to support their awareness campaign.

We wrote the story of a lab technician, convinced to be the best and the brightest, who is challenged in actual situations and labs in order to check his practices and knowledge of safety and risks control.

Our solutions to overcome public scepticism and disinterest was to use a humorous tone while varying scenarii at each episode of the web-serie.

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