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Created in 2006 and a subsidiary of the BPCE group, Natixis is a corporate, investment and financial services bank. It supports its clients in the realization of their projects all over the world by designing tailor-made financial solutions.

The company structures its expertise around several business lines, which are corporate banking, asset and wealth management, insurance and payments.


Natixis has over 16,000 employees throughout the world, with a wide variety of professions.

Natixis faced a dual challenge : to enable new recruits to understand all the group’s activities and their values, and also to encourage more staff mobility within the company.

Our solution

Natixis call upon Thinkovery in order to design a full onboarding MOOC for his collaborators

After a step of acculturation to gain skills and knowledge on all Natixis’s occupations, we created a complete onboarding course of 40 modules for the group.

  • interview videos
  • enriched videos
  • motion design

We also helped Natixis to put their different courses online on a dedicated platform.

“1500 employees have followed the MOON course to date, giving it a 5-star rating (out of 5). The first thing new visitors see is ‘Ranked among the year’s successes’. Well done!”

Pascal AubertExpert Leader in Digital Learning

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