Digitalisation formation

Service Coop de France

Services Coop de France (SCF) is a training and counselling organisation for farming cooperatives. It assists these cooperatives in increasing productivity and in complying with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) norms.

The requirement

SCF wished to set up a series of online digital training courses (COOCs) in Social Learning, for its customers, covering all of its services: Quality control, CSR, etc., under the banner of Coop Academy.

How we responded

We proposed a multi-phase approach in order to build SCF’s training course.

In the first phase we took their existing courses as the basis for designing and producing the whole range of new courses. At this stage we also drew up the overall graphic design which would serve as the signature to the courses.

The second phase consisted in carrying out the initial skills transfer:
– training SCF’s teams in designing a digital learning course
– enabling SCF’s teams to design their courses, in collaboration with our teams

During this phase we remained in control of producing the content.

To date we have built around ten COOCs for the Coop Academy.

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