The three pillars of the learning experience

Points of contact

A learning experience gathers all the moments when learners get in touch with your teams or your training tools. It is not limited to the training itself but includes enrolment, getting information on the course(s), assessments and feedback.

Actual experience

Learning starts when the future learner experiences the need to be trained and acquire a new skill. While consuming their training, the learners build their own learning experience through their contact with your teams and training programs.


In order to involve your learners in their experience, it is essential to build a strong brand with a clear and attractive identity.

A learner centric approach

Each learner is the driving force of his/her own training. The learning experience is built and personalized for each one of your learners. A learning experience is not a one-shot training for your learners but rather an experience that prompt them to consume your training brand in a long term manner.
Training then becomes something living, something tangible, to be accessed at any moment of the day or week, anytime in fact.

 Beyond digital tools

We believe that digital learning should be more than just digitizing training content, building on-line modules or e-learning tools. Going from digital learning to learning experiences means evolving from a tool to a meaning. Designing a learning experience means to make and keep a promise of value to the learners by using all contents and tools relevant to do so.